the pacifier holder

Whether you need one or already have one, there is a specially designed place for attaching our (or your own) pacifier holder! The "designed for the chill" holder is removable and safe to use anytime. It doesn't add any kind of weight to the pacifier, but it definitely provides the comfort of not having to worry that it might fall on the ground.

the labels

Nobody likes rough and itchy labels on their clothes, so we went above and beyond to find the softest and safest ones out there.. And here they are! Each label that you will see on our NOSS is made from soft woven cotton (even the pacifier holder) that has the nicest feel ever! And not only that, the labels provide a very stylish touch to the whole set!

the feet

We believe that feet should always be warm, in order to avoid catching a cold or simply feeling uncomfortable. Thus, the NOSS wouldn't be complete without the little warm "booties" for baby to wear while resting in the stroller, chillin'in mommies and daddies arms or maybe even crawling! Easy to put on, easier to take off and just so cute on babys' little feet!

the fabric

The super-lightweight formula of Polartec micro fleece might seem too good to be true, but it is! It weighs almost nothing, while ensuring the right amount of warmth, wind resistance, breathability, fast drying and it is also extremely stretchy, your baby shall be able to wear it for up to a 6-month period (in some cases maybe even longer)! It is soft and comfy, thus, neither baby, nor you should dislike the feels of it. The colours are chosen to be simple, unisex and easy to work as a second layer garment together with all kinds of other clothes and colours.

the zipper

he lightweight plastic zippers are very baby friendly, since they don't consist of any harmful materials. They are also very silent, hence you can freely unzip it in case you get into warmer temperature while baby is asleep! In general, the zipper ensures that dressing and undressing your baby becomes extremely easy, just lay your baby on the open NOSS, put the arms in the armholes, close zipper and bottom and you are ready to take off!

the fastenin9

The design provides a maximum flexibility, while ensuring that it stays in place and your baby never has an uncovered back or belly! Arms and legs can be stretched and kicked, just as babies mostly do it. The difference to a simple vest is that you will not have to worry and baby will not be uncomfortable anytime! Furthermore, if you just quickly need to change the diaper, you only have to open the bottom, no need to take it all off! It doesn't really get much easier than this.