nordic summer set

designed for the chill

designed for the chill

Life in the northern hemisphere teaches one thing - summer does not always mean hot days and warm evenings! This is when the word ‘chill’ gets a whole new meaning.

As the responsible parent that you are, you want your baby to be 100% comfy, right? It just gets so annoying when it’s kind of warm, but also windy or the other way around - just chilly, no wind, nothing. For the more active baby (or any baby) it is SOOO easy to catch a cold under these circumstances, especially when dressed inappropriately with a non-breathing or much too warm jacket.

So, how to care for your precious little one best?

There is a ton of options for thermoregulating outerwear for adults, but only a handful when it comes to babies. And even less options that are suitable for the “warmer” season. We seem to be so concerned with the winter cold that we completely neglect the summerish chill - moderate temperatures, rainy days, wind blowing outside and inside with open windows.

Since babies have a quite chaotic thermoregulation until they grow up a bit, there is now a second layer solution that keeps warmth, protects from wind, but also avoids overheating while covering baby’s’ back and belly when picking him/her up. You probably guessed it, it’s the Nordic summer set!

It is designed to give a baby the necessary comfort while not limiting any body movement. It is designed for chilling at the park on a windy day, for a walk in the woods on a chillier day, for sitting by the sea during windy seasons. It is designed for the CHILL!




nordic summer set


We design breathable comfort for babies without limiting their movement.

Wherever babies needs to chill

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